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When teaching children how to swim, many schools try to push children ahead with no thought to their individual learning capabilities. Often classes of more than five children become unruly and any child can get distracted. Why pay for a series of lessons where they may not even learn how to swim because the instructor has to split their attention between so many students. With Aqua Safe Swimming Lessons, the swimming lessons in San Diego, CA, that we offer are all about working one on one or in very small groups.
Aqua Safe Swimming Lessons offers lessons for all ages in indoor pools at our facilities or in the pool at your home. Our years of experience have shown us that comfort is key when it comes to learning. We have found that learning how to swim is most effective when taught in private lessons or with one additional person. We also focus on making the learning experience a fun one because when learning is fun, learning is fast. Our adult lessons often occur as a more intensive session, but we still want you to have fun too.
Did you know that almost half of American adults do not know the proper safety techniques for swimming? Even people who think they know how to swim are often unable to swim the length of a typical gym pool. Over half of American children only know how to splash around in the shallow end of the pool. Do not let you or your child become just another statistic. 

Educate yourself on proper swimming techniques with us at Aqua Safe Swimming Lessons.

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