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Because most adults have learned how to swim by being thrown into the deep end, sometimes literally, many adults are not familiar with proper water safety techniques. Learning and sometimes relearning the basics can be beneficial for adults and children of all ages. At Aqua Safe Swimming Lessons swim school in San Diego, CA, we teach drowning prevention, water safety, and work on removing fear of water. Our 1 on 1 lessons are the best for any level of experience and are personalized for each student.
All ages are welcome to learn with us in any of our pool locations or even in your own home. We have discovered that no matter the age, private lessons are the quickest, most productive, and most effective way to learn swimming. In our classes, you will learn basic techniques that are essential for anyone working towards becoming a strong swimmer. Become a confident swimmer without letting fear hold you back.
At Aqua Safe Swimming Lessons, we have heard many horror stories of traumatizing, childhood swimming experiences that have made many adults look at the water as a very scary thing. We can help anyone put that fear behind them with patience and encouragement. Our instructors are familiar with many people working through past swim trauma and know how to handle each and every one of your fears; both for you and your child.
At our school, we have the best qualified instructors available. 

Join in the fun and try our shark swim lessons to learn how to swim as well as any fish in the sea.

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